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Here at Blooming Botany we want to help you get the most from your garden, and to enjoy yourself while you do it.


Blooming Botany offers full garden re-design solutions, planting plans, and horticultural consultancy.

For those with more confidence, we can provide a day rate consultancy to help tweak your ideas to make the most of your outdoor space.



Alison is a member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, and has been working in horticulture since 2003. 

Graduating with distinction from the London College of Garden Design, Alison has the skills and confidence to understand the impact of great design and skilled plant choice on our enjoyment of our outdoor space. 

Practical horticulture is a close ally to wellbeing, and is made all the easier with good design and a healthy dose of enthusiasm.


She started her career at Greys Court, a National Trust property in Henley-on-Thames, where she nurtured her fascination for plants and the way they can grow together to create more than the sum of their parts. A formal vegetable garden and cut flower border, alongside large historic herbaceous and mixed borders all received Alison’s care as she learned her trade.


In 2006 these skills were transferred to the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, where she remained until 2018.  


Here her practical skills have been refined and enhanced over the years to include propagation from seed and cuttings, design and delivery of public education courses, redevelopment, design and implementation of key, high-profile areas of the garden, and international conservation work with the University of Tokyo. Throughout this, Alison has helped to train the next generation of horticulturalists.

Alison now dedicates all her time to design and consultancy with Blooming Botany, providing outdoor spaces, which embrace plants and sustainability, that her clients can be proud of.

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